Dksilver at work.

Dksilver Studio Work... 
Hi! Several people have asked to see what goes on in the studio so I want to share some of the making processes that I go through to make something. Seeing the finished silver article is one thing, but understanding how it is made is another.


The making part is the bit I love the most. For me, it's about taking a piece of raw silver and working with it until it feels right. It is a journey of craft making and aesthetic decisions. The finishes to the surface of the silver can greatly change how it looks and feels, because of that, the most amount of time is often getting the finish just right.   

Working with silver and tools is a process that absorbs me, working on a piece until it is finished. Yes, mistakes sometimes do happen but this is all part of the process. Silver is a very forgiving material and usually allows me to re-work and re-shape it. 

The pictures include the processes of hammering the silver bars into shape, using the file to make the ends smooth, hammering the dots into the ends and some tools that I use. The copper brush is used to clean the silver surface after it has been in the fire to soften the silver.

It would be impossible to make two exactly the same.... and who would want that anyway. It is the process and craft that give each piece of silver that I work with its uniqueness.  

I hope you enjoy seeing some of the studio images, I open the studio up to anyone that is interested in coming to Coburg House Studio when I am working, also the studios have open days twice a year.  

Photos by Luke Davies

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