New Identity for DKsilver

It's here! The new identity for dksilver.
Bringing everything in line to make the work of dksilver studio come together as a brand is such an exciting project... The cuffs are being worn by Mr Scotland's Tristan Cameron Harper, photographed by Alistair Clark Photography on East Lothians stunning Seacliff Beach. 
I'm happy that you are here to see it...

With the Scottish coastline never far away, it is such an inspiration to live in a place that has so much history and stunning landscape to draw energy from.

Dksilver's passion is to find ways to put the richness of Scotland wonders into jewellery making. Many of the ancient Scotts and Picts histories are a mystery. They did, however, leave stunning silver and gold jewellery that was worn mainly by the tribal kings and noblemen. Dksilver is working with these historic designs and bringing them to the present time. 

Photos by Alistair Clark

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